Thirty-Second Week

I am excited to announce that I joined Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and that I leave on the 21st of this month to go to my internship in Miami. Our school year just ended and sadly that means are research has ended for right now, but we are making plans for next year. Our goals for next year will be to get more diversity in our HS outreach team for the NASA Swarmathon and to expand our computer vision project , so that we can deal with more complex data and to enlarge our dataset tremendously. We have just turned in our report and made a lot of progress in our project, but greatness takes time and we will keep working on our project and expanding it next semester.


Thirty-first Week

This week I have been working with Catherine to complete the final report we have to turn in by tomorrow night. We have been working on this paper all this week and trying to make this a great report. I have wrote up certain things to be included like about the NASA Swarmthon hs outreach, my internship this summer, and the various conferences that I attended and presented at. We wanted to include some good things that people from the team are doing and have done. We are very happy that Donny got accepted into graduate school.  Finals are next week, so we also need to have time to study and get all our assignments turned in and finished. Many people on our surveillance team and in the robotics team are doing very remarkable things and we can only go up from here. Everyone is excited to go away for their summer internships, so they can help give the school a even better reputation and to gain some valuable research experience.

The goal for this week is to get this paper done and discuss our plans for next year. We had a meeting this afternoon to discuss our progress and what more we need added to the final report.

Summer Internship Acceptances

I am so excited and ready to go do research during the summer at an institution. I got acceptance letters from 6 different places, I was so grateful and happy that I got all these offers. These are all the places I got accepted to:

National Institute of Standards & Technology in Gaithersburg SURF in the MML/NCNR Materials Science Program
2017 Research Experience for Undergraduates at the University of Miami
  Bruins-In-Genomics (B.I.G.) Summer Program for Undergraduate Research at University of California, Los Angeles
 Department of Energy’s (DOE) Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) program at the Ames National Laboratory (AMES) for the Summer 2017 Term
Training and Experimentation in Computational Biology Research Experience for Undergraduates Program (TECBio REU) @ University of Pittsburg 2017
 2017 Office of Naval Research (ONR) Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP)
I accepted the offer to go to the University of Miami to work with Dr. Messinger on a project about how children form social networks.